St. Matthias’ Church Chiu Chun Kindergarten was the first kindergarten in Hong Kong to systematically help children to cultivate and develop “habits of mind” (quoting the term used by Mr. Chan Wai Leung, Regional Director of Hong Kong and China, International Institute of Habits of Mind). Developing good habits in children at an early age is very important, not only in the long-term growth of the children but also in their whole lives.  “Knowledge” is easily accessible but it is having the “thinking abilities” to search, analyze, filter and apply, communicate and create with knowledge that paves the way to success.  “Thinking abilities” must be practised to make perfect and to become habits.  Only then can they be used in the days to come.  In the school system, there are a lot of knowledge, skills and attitudes that need to be instilled and cultivated in children.  For children to develop skills and abilities, it requires providing them with the space to try to use them, then integrate their experiences through practice and gradually develop the “habits of mind” to think and collaborate with others.